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 1992年から「J-Trip Bar」でDJを始める。その後、西麻布「Yellow」GAY NIGHTのレジデントDJを皮切りに「芝浦O Bar」やPrinceプロデュースの「Glam Slam Yokohama」などでレギュラーとしてPlay。日本のHouse Musicシーンを牽引するDJの一人として現在も「Shibuya Bridge」や「Vision」などでPlayする。ターンテーブル・アーティストとしても渋谷JZ BratやMotion Blue横浜でライブバンドとの共演のほか、2003年にはマリンバ奏者SINSKEのサポートDJとしてFuji Rock Festivalに出演。また「Estnation銀座」の店内BGMセレクションをきっかけに、「代官山Hacienda Del Cielo」や「Rigoletto」など全国23店舗のレストランを展開する株式会社HUGEの選曲、さらにはホテル「Bella Vista Spa & Marina尾道」「Onomichi U2 The Restaurant」のサウンドデザインなど、豊富なDJキャリアを生かした様々な音楽プロデュースも行なっている。制作面では自身もDJ役で声優出演したアニメ『serial experiments “Lain”』のリミックスアルバムを始め、藤井フミヤ作詞作曲の『Mine (perfotmed by Makoto)』Remixバージョンの制作、最近ではゲーム『Granada Esparda』の10周年記念ライブのオーケストラ演奏のRemixと楽曲構成を担当するなど幅広い分野で活躍している。
YoutubeのDJ MIx動画「Kirei-綺麗」シリーズは、日本の美しい風景とハウス・ミュージックを融合させた独特の世界観で海外に多くのファンを持つ。


WASEI CHIKADA is a leading DJ in Japan who has performed on some of the country’s hottest

stages, including Fuji Rock Festival. He is a talented sound producer who has worked for renowned

hotels, restaurants, fashion brands, and more. Most recently, he arranged and remixed the orchestral

score for the 10th anniversary commemoration celebration for the online role-playing game

“Granado Esparda”. Wasei maintains a strong presence on YouTube and uploads a live DJ

performance series called “Kirei” (綺麗), which involves a unique mixture of House music

combined with beautiful Japanese scenery, of which has been viewed and attracted many

international fans around the world. Outside of his musical prowess, Wasei is also an accomplished

voice actor. Any Japanese person can recognize his voice due to numerous TV commercials and

advertisements featuring his narration. Wasei is an avid member of the Club and Club Culture

Conference (CCCC), which fought for the survival of Japan’s club culture in 2016, and successfully

persuaded the Cabinet to change an outdated law which prohibited clubs in Japan from letting

customers dance all night. The Japanese media spotlighted the group’s activities as “a new form of

social movement”. Wasei’s latest work is the album “Cyberia Layer_2”, which was produced to

commemorate the 20th anniversary of the landmark anime “Serial Experiments Lain”, which is still

watched to this day by diehard fans worldwide.

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